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WHO experts come to China to investigate the source of the new coronavirus, but China has not approved entry? Hua Chunying speaks firmly

On January 6, 2021, the British Broadcasting Corporation announced that China has been unable to approve the entry of the World Health Organization to investigate the new crown pneumonia epidemic. As soon as this statement was made, many people who did not know the truth immediately evoked”swearing” from people in China, who believed that China’s prohibition of the World Health Organization’s investigation was”a ghost in the heart”.


Korea’s peak season for cosmetic surgery during the epidemic? Korean media:Plastic surgery and dentistry in hospitals

[Global Times Special Correspondent Han Wen] Because of the epidemic, wearing masks has become a standard for people to go out, but many Koreans seized this special opportunity to get plastic surgery. According to news from South Korea’s”news1″ news website on the 4th, the number of Koreans visiting plastic surgery hospitals during the epidemic has increased significantly. As the time for vaccination approaches, they call the most recent period the”last chance.”


The fatality rate in India is lower than that in developed countries because of the high level of medical care? Scientists give a reasonable explanation

Now that 2021 is approaching, bidding farewell to 2020, which will be a year of many disputes, has become everyone’s expectation. In the past year, the world has experienced too many unexpected events. One of them is the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Even now, many countries in the world still have not controlled the spread of the virus. Instead, many countries frequently show chaos under the epidemic.


The situation in Florida is severe, the government is accused of restricting epidemic prevention

According to a report by CNN on the 18th, the epidemic situation in Florida is severe, and the state government has repeatedly restricted local implementation of epidemic prevention measures. In an interview, experts in the field of public health said that to exclude those health experts who made reasonable suggestions and put”politics above life”. These wrong behaviors have made the epidemic situation worse.