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With 14,000 bonuses for participating in the war, Turkey took the lead in firing the first shot against India? Pakistani Army:finally here

In the context of the current raging epidemic, military conflicts have occurred in many regions around the world. The Naka conflict in Armenia and Azerbaijan is one, as is the conflict between India and many surrounding countries. As we all know, the severity of the domestic epidemic in India is not much better than that in the United States. In such a crisis, it is still entering a multi-line standoff, which clearly shows the country’s ambitions.


China awarded awards to 18 Pakistani employees? The Pakistani Prime Minister’s remarks ignited public opinion, and Wang Wenbin responded

Author 丨 Koala Editor 丨 July 7 Unlike the hegemony of the United States, China has never taken any coercive measures against its friends, and has never violated the territorial sovereignty of other countries. It has always been relatively backward. Weak countries provide help to strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries.


India is sour again. China and Pakistan have reached a new agreement, which makes India uneasy.

Pakistan is called”Pakistan Rail” by some Chinese, and China-Pakistan relations are called”milk and honey friendship” by the country. For this reason, the friendship between the two countries is decorated with”closer”. Since 1951, China and Pakistan have officially established diplomatic relations. After years of efforts by the leaders of the two countries, the country has now become China’s staunchest friend.


Yin refused to mediate! Modi ordered 13 airports to immediately prepare for war, and the situation was turbulent again

For many people, the first impression of India is not good, and it is usually dirty. And many young people are reluctant to travel here, because they are afraid of eating problems. However, India is quite confident in its own country. After successfully launching the”BrahMos” cruise missile some time ago, India’s self-confidence has once again burst, and it believes that it has become the largest country in South Asia.


Foreign media:Pakistan protests India’s”deliberate” attack on UN vehicles

According to a report by the German News Agency Islamabad on December 19, Pakistan summoned a senior Indian diplomat on Saturday local time to protest against India’s violation of the ceasefire agreement and its “deliberate targeting of UN observers” in the disputed Kashmir region. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan stated in a statement:”(Our side) has informed the Indian side that this shameless behavior flagrantly violates international standards and completely ignores the principles of the UN Charter.


The former prime minister of Pakistan instigated rebellion, 11 opposition parties joined forces to demonstrate, Imran Khan urgently appealed to China for help

According to Al Jazeera’s report, on December 13, local time, there were demonstrations in Pakistan. 11 opposition parties in Pakistan formed a coalition to hold a demonstration in Lahore, the country’s second largest city. The demonstrators demanded the current Prime Minister Imran Khan. Resigned and protested the army’s interference in politics.