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school started! Put down your phone, bring your homework, and “run” for the new semester!

   Chinanews client, Beijing, March 1st (Lang Lang) If you are well, it will be sunny; if you work hard, it will be the day before school starts. With the end of the winter vacation, major dramas in school across the country were staged in turn: the inspirational film “Make-up homework is getting better and forget to eat”, the detective film “Who copied whose winter homework”…


Teachers are often asked to change their homework personally.

   Chinanews client, Beijing, February 22 (Peng Ningling) Do you still remember the buzzing news of “withdrawing from the parent group”? In recent years, “correcting homework” has become a pain for more and more parents. In order to reduce the burden on parents, regulations have been issued in many places, expressly requiring teachers to personally mark the homework. But when teachers still need to “lighten their burdens”, is it feasible for teachers to change their homework in full? In children’s learning, how should each role be positioned between home and school?


Japanese illustrators rely on a set of”heart-battering” cat illustrations and become popular on the Internet. Netizens:too real

Chinese New Year is about to come, my friends are in a holiday state, given this year’s special circumstances, some can go home and spend a reunion year with their family, and some have to spend the New Year in the city where they are working, but everyone who is in a holiday state, I believe that the mood must be It’s all very pleasant, right? A word that has become popular on the Internet in recent days is called-“tired and ugly” means simply tired to ugly. When I saw this word, the editor immediately picked up the next one


Ye Yiqian took her son on the show on the same stage,”Oda Liang” is as tall as her mother’s shoulders, this picture is too seductive

During the critical period of the child’s growth, diet and nutrition and sleep quality cannot be ignored. From the beginning of pregnancy, the child’s growth and development affects the parents’ hearts. Netizens were surprised to find that Xiao Liangzi hadn’t shown up for a long time, and his height could be described as”rapidly improving”, and now he is close to his mother’s shoulders.