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People don’t understand until they are middle-aged:being poor doesn’t blame their father, being filial than their brother, being bitter doesn’t blame their wife, and being angry doesn’t hurt their son

We will meet many people in this life, most of whom pass by and become passers-by in life. This is the most important person in our life. Being poor does not blame our father, being filial than our brother, being bitter does not blame our wife, and being angry does not hurt our son. It is us that is the best practice in our life.


The Indonesian old man who was forgotten by time ended his life by fasting at the age of 146:”I’ve really lived enough.”

Although it was not successfully developed in the end, it can be shown from this that people have been pursuing longevity. However, there is such an old man in Indonesia. When he lived to 146 years old, he began to use hunger strike to end his life. Before he died, the old man said to the people around him,”I have really lived enough”. Today we will talk about the whole story.


The most touching Prose:a hometown you can’t go back to

According to the lunar calendar, today is the first anniversary of my father’s death. We gathered in Shangqin’s home to celebrate my father’s anniversary. I walked on the path of my childhood running and jumping every day with infinite affection. The path was full of footprints of my childhood. Every grain of dust cherished my laughter. Every vicissitudes poplar and withered yellow grass on the roadside whispered to me in the cold wind, telling us our deep feelings in the past.


Famous teachers talk about parents’ “chicken baby” anxiety: correct attitude and reduce utilitarianism

Beijing, Lanzhou, January 11 (Yang Na, AI Qinglong) “many of the anxiety of parents in the process of cultivating their children come from their own psychological emotions of comparison and eager for quick success and instant benefit.” Yao Changqin, a Chinese teacher at wangjiabao primary school in Qilihe district, Lanzhou, believes that only by learning to transpose thinking and not controlling children’s ideas with adult thinking can we reduce anxiety.