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Highlights of the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala announced: the stage has a strong sense of technology, and invites powerful singers

   Chinanews Client, Beijing, August 23. The 2021 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival will be held in Xichang, the capital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. At present, the preliminary work such as the evening show and the stage design plan has been completed and has entered the intensive implementation stage. The invitation of guests and artists and the program rehearsal are also being carried out in an orderly manner.


The Kardashian sisters dress boldly for partying, gather supermodel Ken Dou Haili, each body is hotter than the other

Recently, the news about the Kardashian family’s sisters partying quickly made the hot search. It has to be said that the Kardashian family’s popularity has always been very high, not only because they know how to hype, but also because of the Kardashian family’s popularity. The appearance and figure are indeed one in a million, even in the beauty of Hollywood circles, they are still very dazzling existence.


The main station “2021 Lantern Festival Gala” ends. Language programs take the lead

   China News Service, Beijing, February 27th. On the evening of February 26 (the fifteenth of the first lunar month), China Central Radio and Television “2021 Lantern Festival Gala” was successfully broadcast. The Lantern Festival Gala continued the Spring Festival Gala lineup, with the theme of “Songs, dances, skits, cross talk, acrobatics, magic, martial arts, opera, musicals, etc.” on the theme.


Shandong Satellite TV Lantern Festival Gala Program Announced, Mao Amin sings “Lovesickness” again

   China News Service, February 26. The 2021 Shandong Satellite TV Lantern Festival Gala will be broadcast on Shandong Satellite TV at 7:30 tonight. From the program list, in addition to the 2021 Shandong Spring Festival Gala guests Mao Amin, Zhang Shaohan, Liao Changyong, Xu Weizhou, Li Ao, Zhang Chao, Jia Fan, Song Xiaorui, there are also many members of Big Bowl Entertainment and old drama bone Kou Zhenhai to join.


Perkins:Westbrook applies for the deal because Harden often has parties

Former NBA player Kendrick Perkins said on the show that Westbrook decided to leave because Harden was at the party.”The Rockets don’t want to trade Russell. He applied for a deal because of something that happened last year. For example, they had a game on Saturday and they have to wait until next Thursday to play the next game. James may take Tilman-Fertita’s private jet. Go to Cabo San Lucas for a party.