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(Shanghai war epidemic record) Shanghai proton heavy ion hospital has taken a number of “extraordinary” measures to ensure the uninterrupted treatment of tumor patients

Beijing, Shanghai, June 23 (Chen Jing, Liang Changhu) under the epidemic prevention and control, the treatment of tumor patients can not be interrupted. The reporter visited Shanghai proton heavy ion hospital on the 23rd and learned that in this round of epidemic prevention and control, Shanghai proton heavy ion hospital has made great efforts to achieve “zero sealing control” and “zero sense of hospital” in the hospital. From January to May this year, the number of patients discharged from particle therapy increased by 20% compared with the same period last year, of which, from April to may, the number increased by 7% year-on-year.


Shanghai aid shelter “sugar mixer”: Zhejiang medical care to resolve “sweet” troubles

Beijing, Hangzhou, May 19 (Zhang Yuhuan, Cui Qianxian) since March 30, Huang Hong, deputy director of Endocrinology Department of Zhejiang hospital, and his teammates have been fighting here for more than 40 days. As there are some diabetes patients in the shelter, or some patients have increased blood sugar, Huang Hong and her teammates also act as “sugar adjusters” to solve this “sweet” problem for patients in addition to taking care of patients.


“Post-90s” male nurses in ICU in Shanghai:live up to their youth and protect their lives

In order to support Shanghai, Hunan Provincial Health Commission has established a critical care team to treat and care critically ill patients. Song Huimin told reporters that their main workflow is to help patients change their posture, avoid long-term pressure on the same side, always pay attention to the vital signs of ECG monitoring, adjust the speed of infusion pump according to the situation, and ensure that the therapeutic drugs are input on time and in quantity.


The 39 new deaths in Shanghai have a common feature

Forenoon, the covid-19 news conference was held in Shanghai to introduce the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control. On April 23, there were 39 new local deaths, with an average age of 78.7 years and a maximum age of 98 years.