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Distressed! The 24-year-old Go player in Shanghai unfortunately fell off the building and was unable to sleep 5 days and 5 nights before the incident. In fact, depression is close to us…

Yesterday evening, the Shanghai Chess Academy and the Shanghai Weiqi Association issued an obituary:At 1pm on July 2, the famous Weiqi professional chess player Fan Yunruo unfortunately fell from his home and died and was found to have depression during his lifetime. People with depression have suicide rates 20 times higher than other groups. Among suicide groups, 70%of people suffer from depression.


127 countries are authorized but no China! The United States bought out 500,000 doses of”anti-epidemic magic drugs” and has now been investigated

In the absence of universally recognized anti-epidemic drugs in the world, the red-silvevir developed by Gilead in the United States has gradually been accepted and placed high hopes in many countries, even if it has not been fully proven to be effective. Prior to this, countries including South Korea, Japan, and the United Kingdom had “green lights” for Red West, allowing companies to introduce them.