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Two confirmed patients at Sittwe People’s Hospital in Myanmar pass away

[Myanmar Chinese Network News] The New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Observation and Research Group in Rakhine State announced that two patients diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia in Sittwe People’s Hospital in Rakhine State have unfortunately passed away. It is understood that at 9:30 pm on October 19th, a male patient in his 60s died unfortunately; at about 5:30 am on October 20th, a 61-year-old female patient died unfortunately.


After seeing the doctor, the uterus was gone and as many as 173 victims

According to a British media report on October 15, a fraud case was recently opened in Virginia, USA. The defendant was a gynecologist named Jia Weide. He put unnecessary pressure on patients during the process of treating patients. By deceiving patients and other acts, in order to allow them to undergo hysterectomy operations that they do not need, he can use this method to obtain insurance money from insurance companies.


The Argentine man thought he had a tumor, but the result was the gauze that the doctor forgot in his body two years ago

According to the Argentine newspaper Nation on August 14, 2020, on August 13, in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina, a man sued two doctors and an insurance company who performed heart valve surgery on him two years ago. , Because he underwent an operation under the suspicion of having a tumor, and it turned out that the lump was just gauze left in his body by the doctor two years ago.


In response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Brazil launches”advanced isolation stretcher”

On July 22, 2020, local time, at the Belo Horizonte Pampulha Airport in Minas Gerais, Brazil, members of the local military wear protective equipment and practice using”bubble stretchers” to transport patients with COVID-19. The device can be used in airplanes and ambulances to transport patients. In addition to isolating patients, it can also filter the air exhaled by patients.