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Announcement on Accelerating the Handling of Social Security Payment for Some Retired Soldiers

Please meet the requirements. Retired soldiers who have not submitted application materials or have not yet completed the repayment due to various reasons shall immediately submit an application to the District Veterans Service Center and go through the repayment procedures. The repayment work is in principle on November 30, 2020. If the application is not submitted within the time limit and the payment is not made in accordance with the regulations, it will not be accepted.


Survey:One in five Americans may be penniless before election

According to the timetable and data collected by personal finance companies, about one in five people may be penniless by election day in the United States. Since the epidemic, CreditKarma has been conducting weekly surveys to better understand the financial situation of Americans.


The young director supports the star to get the sky-high pay, and broke the news that Fan Bingbing earned 3 million a day at his peak

However, it’s useless for netizens to resist it anymore. The rules of the entertainment circle are not made by netizens. Netizens feel that the sky-high remuneration of celebrities is extremely unreasonable. There are young directors who openly support stars to get sky-high pays. On October 8th, a young director posted a video with the title”The star’s income is reasonable” also very eye-catching.


What sad stories have you heard?

The world is unexpected every day, every day is caught off guard, not everyone can predict the near future, and no one drafted”If There Is Tomorrow” for you early.