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The Shougang team was almost banned for one year! Fortunately, Shen Zijie pulled it out

Last night’s match between Beijing and Shenzhen once again made CBA a hot search. Let’s take a look at what happened. After the fourth quarter ended the whistle, the two teams were tied to 92 and will be overtime. At this time, the Shenzhen team’s foreign aid Booker played. Complaint that Booker thought he was”stepped” because the limping Booker did have a risk of injury. The head referee on duty made a video review. After repeated playback and consideration, the referee made up the last moments of the Beijing team’s illegal foul.


Zhejiang vs. Qingdao, the two teams scored 101 free throws, 4 people and 6 fouls left the field

Live broadcast on December 29th. CBA regular season, Zhejiang beat Qingdao with 127-120. In this game, the two teams scored 101 free throws in total, of which Zhejiang made 49 free throws and 44 of them. Foreign aid Landsberg made 17 free throws. Qingdao made 34 of 52 free throws. Foreign aid Dakari Johnson made 13 of 22 free throws. In this campaign, a total of 4 players and 6 offenses from both sides – Zhu Xuhang, Liu Zeyi, Lai Junhao and Yang Jinmeng.


Behind the CBA sky-high ticket is a weak legal consciousness

On November 8, the CBA company issued a huge commercial ticket. Du Feng, Guo Ailun, Zhao Rui, Zhou Qi, Jeremy Lin, Zou Yuchen, Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie, Wang Xinkai and other players and coaches, because in the league last or this season During this period, he was punished heavily for not wearing the equipment specified by the sponsor.


Asking Luneng’s continuous disputes and penalties:Football Association should respond to concerns, sports must be convincing

Among them, the Chinese Super League, which has received the most attention, has recently had a lot of controversy:In the second stage of the Chinese Super League, Shandong Luneng Taishan, which entered the championship group, played against Beijing Zhonghe Guoan and Hebei Huaxia Fortune in three games. In the game, disputes and penalties emerged one after another.


Foreign referees + 7 experts in each round to discuss the Chinese Football Association’s”surgery” on controversial issues

On October 27th, news came from the Suzhou and Dalian divisions of the Chinese Super League. The Chinese Football Association decided in the Chinese Super League referee work meeting in the morning on the basis of expert evaluation results that the last moment of the Chinese Super League Hebei China Fortune and Shandong Luneng match on the evening of the 26th was on duty. Referee Ai Kun blew the Luneng team Fellaini’s”lore ball” penalty as a misjudgment, and Ai Kun will also be suspended by the Chinese Football Association.


Referee experts talk about Real Madrid penalty kicks:these small pulls cannot constitute a reason for penalties

Live it, October 24. Real Madrid beat Barcelona 3-1 in the La Liga national derby. Real Madrid won a penalty in the match. After the match, Spain’s Marca radio referee expert Andujar Oliver talked about it To my own opinion. Andujar bluntly said:”These small pulls cannot constitute a reason for a penalty kick. If a penalty kick is awarded in this way, there will be 40 penalty kicks in all games.