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Leave it alone! Forest fires near Operth run out of control, residents urged to evacuate (photos)

   China News Service, February 4th. According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, the forest fire near Perth, Australia’s fourth largest city, has run out of control, and at least 71 houses have been burned so far. Although Perth is currently in a state of epidemic prevention and lockdown, the authorities urge local residents to leave the area threatened by forest fires immediately regardless of the lockdown order.


Be left behind, reversed, and beaten again! Shanghai Shenhua 3:3 Perth Glory

Tonight, the 2020 AFC Champions League East Asia group stage continues. In the just-concluded game, Shenhua lost 2 goals first. With Moreno’s score and Yu Hanchao’s goal, the Shenhua team reversed once, but suffered a penalty kick at the last minute, with 3:The 3 draw with Perth is glorious and still ranks third in the group.