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Two suns appeared in the sky!”Sunday” spectacle appeared in Shangluo, Shaanxi

Source:CCTV News Client On November 15th, photography enthusiasts in Shangluo, Shaanxi, photographed the phenomenon of”sunshine” in the sky in the blue business section of Fuyin Expressway. △Shangluo, Shaanxi,”Sun” wonders. It is understood that”Sun” is an optical phenomenon in the atmosphere. In the translucent thin clouds that appear in the sky, there are many hexagonal columnar ice crystals floating in the air. Neatly arranged vertically in the air.


La Niña continues to develop, is it cold this year? Expert:Does not rule out or is the first cold winter in recent years

Since the beginning of this year, the development of the La Niña phenomenon has attracted much attention. Indeed, after the formation of the La Niña phenomenon, it may also gradually affect our country. According to the World Meteorological Organization report, the continued development of the La Niña phenomenon this year is basically certain and will end in 2020. There may be a 90%probability that it will continue before, and it may continue until the first quarter of 2021. This probability has reached 55%.


The La Niña phenomenon has appeared in 2020! The impact has begun, and this winter is”extraordinarily cold”?

The La Niña phenomenon has taken shape in 2020, and the US Climate Prediction Center has issued an authoritative statement, which means that the global climate change may be further strengthened. Of course, the formation of the La Niña phenomenon will also have a certain impact on our country, only the intensity. It’s not the same, so you should prepare. This is also a new natural phenomenon following a weak El Niño phenomenon in 2020.


Is global warming saved? The appearance of La Niña has been basically confirmed, the earth may usher in a cold winter

The appearance of La Niña has been basically confirmed, and the earth may usher in a cold winter! Based on the above situation, the arrival of La Niña is basically certain, but no affirmative answer is given. It needs to last for several months and maintain at 0.5 degrees. Okay, this is the current basic situation of La Niña. We are observing the changes in the meteorological index every day, which is maintained at about 0.4-0.6 degrees. The probability of La Niña’s appearance is too high, and some experts also give relevant opinions.



The phenomenon of mirages often occurs on the earth. When this phenomenon first appeared, the ancients could not explain it. They thought it was a manifestation of miracles. With the continuous development of science, we knew that the appearance of mirages was very Normally, it is an optical phenomenon composed of light refraction and reflection.