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Chengdu junior high school students were admitted to Peking University! Will accept the bridging training from learning to graduate students

Nandu reporter learned that this student is a junior 2019 student of Chengdu Foreign Language School. He began to participate in the competition training in the school in his first year. Last year, he became the only junior 3 student who won the first prize in the Sichuan division of the national physics competition for middle school students.


Cloudy Universe:Seven”Dark Clouds” Unsolved in Physics

Physics can explain almost everything from microscopic particles to macroscopic celestial phenomena. It is a system that has obtained numerous fruitful results. But in fact, there are still knowledge gaps in the important parts that constitute its foundation, and there are some things that cannot be organized into theories.”The Cloudy Universe:Seven”Dark Clouds” Unsolved in Physics” lists proton decay theory, black hole big bang, Everett’s theory of multiple universes, heretical universe, dark matter and dark energy, quantum mechanics, and cosmological principles With the unsolved mysteries in the seven major fields of physics such as human principles, it tells the whereabouts, efforts and various theories that people have left to solve these mysteries, and expresses their own views on getting out of the predicament.


A desperate law of physics, physicist:would rather not find it

The modern scientific and technological civilization of mankind is based on physics. Newton’s classic physics makes rockets fly into space. Maxwell’s electromagnetism develops modern electrical engineering. Einstein’s theory of relativity makes the positioning of navigation satellites precise and quantum mechanics. Let the modern electronics industry be established.