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Studies have shown that there are at least 300 million Earths in the Milky Way, and the closest distance to the solar system is only 20 light years

In April 1965, the National Academy of Sciences issued a draft report:”Given the current series of evidence, we believe that there is life on Mars.” However, the first photograph of the surface of Mars returned by Mariner 4 three months later, However, it showed a desolate environment comparable to the surface of the moon, without any signs of life.


The number of exoplanets that can sustain life is surprising

Trappist-1 planetary system Trappist-1 planetary system has three planets in the habitable zone, but our solar system has only one. A new study shows that in the absence of gas giant planets like Jupiter, other star systems may have as many as seven terrestrial planets.


Can humans live near red dwarfs?

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