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Ultra-cold plasma achieves magnetic confinement in the laboratory for the first time

According to a recent report in Physical Review Letters, physicists at Rice University in the United States have discovered a way to trap the world’s coldest plasma in a magnetic bottle. This technological achievement helps advance research on clean energy, space weather and astrophysics. The plasma used by the research team in the latest experiment is described as the coldest plasma in the world, and its temperature is about 1°C higher than absolute zero, or -272°C.


The laboratory creates tiny matter in the black hole accretion disk

2020-11-03 05:14:35 Source:Science and Technology Daily, an international research team composed of experts from the Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics (MEPhI) of the Russian National Nuclear Energy Research University, Osaka University in Japan, and the University of Bordeaux in France. Black holes accrete tiny matter in their disks and study them.