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“Pokémon: The Adventures of Pikachu and Coco” Released

   China News Service, September 10th. The theater version of the movie “Pokémon: The Adventure of Pikachu and Coco” held its premiere in Beijing yesterday. As a world-renowned animation IP, “Pokémon: The Adventures of Pikachu and Coco” has attracted attention since its announcement.


The domestic”Pokémon GO” is finally coming! Hong Kong Service’s various masterpieces”Chinese Edition” have historically low discount

According to the official website of the State Intellectual Property Office, Nintendo has registered trademarks such as”POKEMON GA-OLE”,”Pokémon Go!”,”Pokémon”,”Pokémon Baby” and other trademarks in China. The current trademarks are still In the”waiting for acceptance” status, detailed information cannot be queried.


Virtual Pokémon theme park will open on August 12th, free participation

The Pokémon Company announced that it will hold the”Pokémon Virtual Festival” in the virtual world application”cluster”. Players can download the”cluster” PC or mobile app and register an account from August 12th to August 31st. After that, you can use VR/PC/mobile phones and other devices to play, and participation is free.