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2,214 vehicles were inspected and released at Yunnan Hekou Border Inspection Station during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday

   China News Network, Honghe, June 14 (Feng Zhibo) The dragon boat festival is fragrant and the customs clearance is busy. The reporter learned from the Yunnan Hekou Entry-Exit Border Checkpoint on the 14th that two days before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the station had inspected and released 2,214 vehicles and 26,000 tons of cargo, which was an increase of 5% and 36% respectively over the same period last year.


Yunnan Mohan Border Inspection Station opens a green channel to urgently rescue people who are seriously injured and return to China

China News Service, Xishuangbanna, May 9th (Thunderstorm Wang Longwei) “Urgent! Urgent! Please help by the border police.” Recently, Yunnan Mohan immigration border checkpoint launched an emergency response plan for rescue during the epidemic prevention and control period and opened the “green channel”. Going through immigration formalities for a seriously injured Chinese worker.


General Administration of Customs: Do a good job in the risk monitoring of imported cold chain foods, strengthen source control

   China News Service, December 11 According to the official WeChat news of the General Administration of Customs, on December 11, the Director of the General Administration of Customs and Party Secretary Ni Yuefeng presided over the 34th Regular Meeting of the General Administration of Customs on Situation Analysis and Work Supervision. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to continue to do a good job in monitoring the risks of imported cold chain foods, strengthen source control, and promote the strict implementation of preventive disinfection measures for imported cold chain foods to effectively reduce import risks while ensuring the efficiency of customs clearance at ports.


Laporte:The team will avenge Tottenham, we will fight to the last minute in this game

In the early morning of November 22, Beijing time, the Premier League will stage a focus battle. Manchester City will face Tottenham. Before the match, Manchester City defender Laporte was interviewed. In the interview, Laporte said:”Manchester City was 0- in the league last season. 2 Lost to Tottenham, the team will go all out for this game, revenge is the only requirement.”