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Details of 88-120 cases of positive infection in Tianjin announced

Beijing, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) according to the official wechat news of “Tianjin release”, the basic information of the 88-120 cases of positive infection in Tianjin has been released. At present, the 32 cases of positive infection have been transferred to the municipal designated hospital for further diagnosis and treatment. Epidemiological investigation, investigation and control of epidemic related personnel, environmental sample collection and other work are under intense progress.


Details of 20 new positive infections in Jinnan District, Tianjin announced

Beijing, January, 9, according to the official WeChat news of Tianjin Wei Jian Committee, from 18 hours to 8 days in January 7, 2022 21 hours, 20 nucleic acid test samples of COVID-19 nucleic acid testing personnel were positive for nucleic acid test, and had been transferred to designated hospitals in the city for further diagnosis and treatment. At present, epidemiological investigation, investigation and control of epidemic related personnel and environmental sample collection are under intense progress.


Positive! Positive! Positive! Positive! All sealed, the customs will make an emergency

General Administration of Customs:Take emergency preventive measures against 4 companies in 4 countries. Today (January 28), the official website of the General Administration of Customs issued four articles in succession, and the new crown was detected in samples of imported food packaging from Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, and Pakistan. In accordance with relevant regulations, emergency preventive measures have been taken against the four companies in the four countries for positive viral nucleic acid incidents.


Recently, many players have been found to have repeated infections, and the actual cases are far more than reported

According to ESPN’s recent report, a number of players who tested positive for the new crown virus recently tested positive for the second time. According to the definition of”superinfection” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States, when an infected patient recovers and is infected again, it is a superinfection. Research is currently underway on how long the immune system can last, but the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that it is expected that the new coronavirus will have repeated infections.


NBA new round of new crown test results released:4 positive cases

The NBA announced today that since December 30 local time, a total of 4 players have tested positive for the new crown virus. The last round of new crown tests in the NBA did not find any positive cases. In the first round of investigations before the start of the season, 48 positive cases were detected.


Korean Football Association:South Korea has two more players positive for the new crown

In the early morning of November 15, Beijing time, the Korean Football Association announced on its official website that two more players in the team tested positive for the new crown. Earlier, five people from the South Korean team that had been training in Austria had tested positive, including four players from Lee Tongjun, Quan Changxun, Huang Infan, and Zhao Xianyou and one staff member.


Zheke’s new crown tests positive

Roma striker Dzeko announced via social media that he has tested positive for the new crown and has no symptoms.”Unfortunately, my new crown test was positive, and I must follow the epidemic prevention regulations and be isolated.


Ronaldo was criticized as being selfish for his”extreme foul language” on nucleic acid testing! Recently European football has frequently seen”false positives” causing controversy

Before Lazio’s visit to Bruges in the Champions League early this morning, more than a dozen players, including many of the main players, tested positive in UEFA and had to transfer echelon players to sign up. But before the game, it was also found that some players were false”Positive”, which caused the Lazio team doctor to question UEFA testing. How to avoid”false positives” in the test as much as possible may be a key issue that UEFA and major European leagues need to face in the epidemic prevention work.


From the players to the FIFA chairman are diagnosed, the European epidemic prevention cannot”copy the Chinese Super League”

Surging news reporter Pu Yaolei FIFA President Infantino positive for the new crown. As the saying goes, there are eggs under the cover of the nest, and the current epidemic in Europe has rebounded violently, and football is also not immune. Recently, many European football leagues, including the five major leagues, have successively exposed positive cases of the new crown. Many celebrities including FIFA President Infantino and Juventus star Ronaldo have also been recruited.