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Suffering from catastrophic flooding, Nepal’s Upper Marti Hydropower Station completes water damage repair project and resumes power generation

China News Service, Kathmandu, August 11 (Li Songsen and Zhang Chenyi) The reporter learned on the 11th that after completing a series of emergency repairs, the two units of the Shangmadi Hydropower Station in Nepal were successfully connected to the grid, marking the launch of the massive floods in mid-June this year. Di Hydropower Station resumed power production after 52 days.


Future electricity comes from the sky (Technology Grand View)

As the earth’s traditional energy sources are facing exhaustion, space power stations may become an important way to solve energy problems in the 21st century. A space power station, in short, is to move solar power generation devices on the ground to space, convert solar energy into electrical energy in the”sky”, and then send it to the ground through wireless energy transmission.


Communication: “Light” of Indonesia’s Chinese-funded Power Station (Picture)

The picture shows the central control room of the power station. Wei Wengang

The picture shows the exterior view of Bengkulu Power Station. Wei Wengang

The picture shows the employees of the power station sending living supplies and anti-epidemic supplies to the orphanage on November 27. Wei Wengang

The picture shows the scene of the orphanage donated by the power station on November 6, 2019. Wei Wengang

   Chinanews, Bengkulu, Indonesia, December 27th, title: “Light” of Indonesia’s Chinese-funded power stations