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Yonhap:when the Korean TV station broadcast the Premiership highlights, the picture of sun Xingyun was deleted

According to Yonhap news agency, when North Korean television broadcast the Premier League Highlights, it was suspected that sun Xingyun’s game footage had been deliberately deleted. Korean media said that Korean Central Television broadcast the highlights of 25-26 rounds of premier league matches in the 21st/22nd season on the 17th. In the 27 minute video, there was no game of spurs to which Sun Xingyun belongs.


Scholes talks about being selected into the hall of fame:Ferguson is the best coach and Manchester United is the world’s largest club

Live bar, April 21 – as one of the six players selected into the Premier League Hall of fame this year, Scholes accepted an interview with the official website of the Premier League. In the interview, he talked about his Manchester United career and Ferguson’s influence on him. Scholes said:”it’s a special feeling to be nominated to the hall of fame with so many good players.


3-0 win! Guardiola witnessed the story of God:Liverpool lost the first place and Manchester City regained the top

In the early morning of April 21, Beijing time, in the 30th round of the make-up match of the Premier League, there was a blank draw in the first half. Yi Bian fought again, Mahrez and Foden scored two goals in a row, and seat B killed the suspense of the game. Manchester City beat Brighton 3-0, ending three invincible games in various competitions. At the same time, it overtook Liverpool by one point and returned to the top of the table.


2-2 to 2-3! The Premier League champion has an avalanche of three lines, seven consecutive victories and defending the title, leaving three fish bellies and four strong teams. It is more difficult for Liverpool

At present, Manchester City, which is still the Premier League champion, has just passed the devil’s schedule. It has ushered in a strong dialogue in the three lines of the Premier League, the Champions League and the FA Cup. Guashuai failed to stabilize the situation and suffered an avalanche decline in the three lines. From 2-2 Liverpool in the 32nd round of the Premier League to 2-3 Liverpool in the FA Cup semi-final, it has been defeated in three consecutive games, with 0-0 Atletico Madrid in the second round of the quarter final of the middle Champions League.


Football crazy night:Liverpool eliminated Manchester City, Manchester United rekindled the hope of four, Ronaldo scored a hat trick

From the evening of April 16 to the early morning of April 17, Beijing time, the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Bundesliga ended many games. Manchester United narrowly defeated their opponents 3-2 by relying on Ronaldo’s hat trick. Spurs and Arsenal lost at the same time, and the situation of the four competitions in the Premier League changed again.


The state is hot! Fighting with Tottenham, Mane won the MVP award

Live broadcast, January 29. In the 20th round of the Premier League, Liverpool defeated Tottenham 3-1 away. Mane and Arnold passed and made achievements. Firmino scored a goal to help the Reds get 3 points. Mane, who played well, was also officially named the MVP of the game by the Premier League. In the 4th minute of stoppage time in the first half, Henderson picked a pass behind him, Mane crossed the penalty area, and Firmino outflanked and scored an empty goal. Liverpool led Tottenham 1-0.