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The revised version of the detailed rules on the standards for the review of network short video content is released: no film and television drama shall be edited or adapted without authorization

On December 15, China Network audio-visual program Service Association issued the detailed rules for the audit standards of network short video content (2021), which comprehensively revised the 2019 version of the detailed rules, improved the original 21 categories and 100 standards, aimed at the new manifestations of Pan entertainment, vulgarity and kitsch issues highly concerned by the society, as well as the deterioration of public opinion ecology by Pan entertainment, the use of minors to produce bad programs Typical outstanding problems, such as illegal dissemination of radio and television and online audio-visual program clips, introduction and broadcasting of overseas programs without approval, have provided more specific and clear work guidelines for front-line auditors of short video platforms.


People-oriented, responding to the society

Hunan Satellite TV’s new program “Grace China” launched in the early morning of August 3rd. The program uses the slogan “Take a gust of breeze, travel thousands of miles of China” and presents the natural and humanistic beauty of China with soothing natural beauty and original sound for the audience. Pressing the “slow forward button” at midnight leads to a brand new program form with high style, new voice, and light style.


“Hi Fangpai” is scheduled to be launched on August 14

China Net, August 12th, today, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s “Hey Fangpai” officially announced the schedule. The program will start at the prime time on August 14. The pilot film will be broadcast at 20:20 this Saturday, arousing audience expectations. . At the same time, the main poster and the main promotional film of the show have also been exposed one after another.