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The film “procuratorial situation” is set. Huang Jingyu and Bai Baihe work together to find the truth

Beijing, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) directed by Mai Zhaohui, scripted by Zhao Peng, supervised by Tian Qiwen, starring Huang Jingyu, Bai Baihe and Wang Likun, starring Wang Qianyuan and Bao Beier, starring Su Ke, Zhang Yi, Liang Songqing and Yu Peiyao, Feng Shaofeng’s first commercial crime prosecution blockbuster “procuratorial situation”, which focuses on Chinese prosecutors, was exposed today. It was officially announced that it will be released nationwide on April 30, 2022, becoming the first film to enter May 1 next year.


Finally waited for this day! South Korean prosecutors make a final ruling, Park Geun-hye may win a big victory

According to Yonhap News Agency, former South Korean President Park Geun-hye, before the current parliamentary election meeting, issued a letter to the nation through his lawyer, Ryu Young-ha, in prison. The content is to call on the opposition and the conservative parties to unite and avoid splitting. , But the prosecutor seized the key point, saying that Park Geun-hye violated the”Public Election Law.”


Maguire was convicted and the team of lawyers will appeal

In the previous trial, witnesses invited by Maguire’s defense attorney stated that on the night of the incident they saw two Albanian men suspected of injecting Maguire’s sister Daisy with a sedative drug. Daisy soon lost consciousness and both parties As a result of the conflict, Maguire and others called a car and rushed to the hospital. On the way, they were stopped by plainclothes police. Maguire and others thought they were kidnapped, so they got out of the car and collided with the plainclothes police.


Bannon, Trump’s former political adviser, arrested for fraud

According to a report by Bloomberg News on the 20th, the New York District Attorney of the United States stated in a statement that Bannon, a former political adviser to US President Trump, was arrested on the 20th along with three other people on suspicion of participating in the”We Build the Wall” project.


The American gangster is so busy. He was released after attempted murder and injured 7 people in 3 shootings.

The New York Post reported on August 5 that a New York gang member resumed shooting after being released from an attempted murder. The local federal prosecutor said that after a Brooklyn gang member was released from bail on charges of attempted murder in May of this year, he “returned to his old business” and participated in at least three car shooting incidents.


New York prosecutors launch an investigation into the Trump Organization’s widespread and persistent crime

According to a report by the US”Capitol Hill” on the 3rd, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office hinted on Monday that its subpoena against President Trump’s tax returns was part of an investigation into”the possible widespread and prolonged criminal conduct of the Trump Organization.” , Including allegations of potential fraud detailed in recent media reports.