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For the general election? Trump’s attitude has changed a lot, it’s time to test Trump and Putin

As the time before the US general election is getting shorter and shorter, Trump looked at his low approval rating and began to make more “actions” to help him re-elect. From the United States as a”ferryman”, pushing the two countries of the UAE and Israel to shake hands, it can be seen that Trump is now eager to fully demonstrate his abilities in order to gain the support of more voters.


Putin helped Russia tide over the crisis, but Yeltsin also said that he chose the wrong successor, frankly regretting

It stands to reason that this successful transfer of power can be regarded as one of Yeltsin’s greatest contributions to Russia at the end of his political career. At least after Putin took over, the Russian mess did not fall apart or even collapse again. However, the President of Belarus Lukashenko recently It was disclosed that Yeltsin’s evaluation of Putin’s successor was very low during his lifetime.