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National Day security sacrifice traffic police martyr Li Yong’s body farewell ceremony was held. Representatives from all walks of life sent the hero on the last trip

Beijing, Qingdao, October 31 (reporter Hu Yaojie) the farewell ceremony of Comrade Li Yong, a Qingdao traffic policeman who died heroically during the National Day security mission, was held at the Qingdao funeral home on the 31st. Responsible comrades of relevant departments, martyr Li Yong’s family, comrades in arms, colleagues, former friends and representatives of citizens who went spontaneously attended the farewell ceremony and sent the hero on his last journey.


2021 set sail beyond the”One Goal Winning Grand Prix” held in Qingdao

Recently, a tennis 10,000 yuan championship game that combines sports, fashion and fun elements-the”One Goal Wins Tennis Grand Prix” was held in Qingdao West Coast New District. With the opening of the game, the first city tennis stadium on the West Coast-Sailing·Beyond West Coast Tennis Stadium also opened simultaneously.


Guo Ailun 26+7 Mayo 17+9 Liaoning sends Qingdao 6-game losing streak

Live broadcast on January 10th Qingdao ushered in Liaoning in the CBA regular season. Liaoning currently occupies the top of the standings. Qingdao suffered a 5-game losing streak in a downturn. After the opening, Liaoning took the lead with more outside lines, and Mayo and Guo Ailun felt hot. Although Zhang Chengyu led Qingdao to narrow the score difference in the second quarter, Liaoning’s outside once again found the touch to make successive shots and open the score. After the first half, Liaoning led 68-46.


Adams 36+8+10 Lin Weihan 16 points, Jiang Weize 14+5, Qingdao beat Jilin

Live broadcast on December 13th CBA regular season, Qingdao vs. Jilin today, the former defeated Nanjing in the last game and ranked seventh in the temporary standings, while the latter lost to the sixth in the Xinjiang Ranking League. In the game, Qingdao took the lead in a 6-0 start, but after adjustment, Jilin quickly tied the score. After that, the two teams began to fall into a tug-of-war, leading alternately on the field, and Jilin led by 3 points at halftime.


Adams 39+5+11 Todorovich 36+12+5+7 break Qingdao Lectra Tianjin

Live broadcast, December 4th CBA regular season, Tianjin played against Qingdao today. The former defeated Nanjing in the last game and is currently ranked 18th in the standings. Qingdao lost to Beijing Enterprises in the last game and temporarily ranked seventh in the league. In the game, the two teams went into hand-to-hand combat. In the first quarter, there were 22 fouls on both sides. In the second quarter, Qingdao gradually grasped the initiative on the court, and the point difference was also widened to double digits to end the half.


Today in Shandong History:November 18

In 1914 (the 3rd year of the Republic of China) Yuan Shikai ordered Xu Shichang to supervise the blocking of the Yellow River in Zhili and Puyang. In 1923 (the 12th year of the Republic of China) Deng Enming, with the assistance of Wang Zhenyi sent by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, developed Qingdao Public Vocational School students Xu Xingye and Li Songzhou in Qingdao and joined the Youth League, developed telephone bureaus Sun Xiufeng and Wang Shaowen joined the Youth League and established a vocational school. , Two League Branches of the Telephone Exchange.


From big rivers to Qingdao”making waves”

On November 12th, Li Xiaofeng, the director of”The Wind and the Waves” appeared in Qingdao Ai Shangleting Art Studio to promote the film. In an interview, he revealed that the”The Wind and Waves” was completed on the west coast of Qingdao. He and Huang Bo often discussed the script Into the night.