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Kuaishou “Ideal Creators Conference” was held to help build a digital economy innovation industry belt

   China News Service, March 31. At the moment, the development trend of short video is gradually becoming the new favorite of the home and real estate industry. On March 30, Kuaishou held the “Ideal Home Creators Conference” in the category of real estate and home furnishings in Foshan. Kuaishou Vice President Liu Xiao and Kuaishou Home Real Estate Director Ji Xinjun attended the meeting to gather together with Kuaishou home real estate experts to review the development process of the home real estate industry in 2020 and look forward to more possibilities in the future of the industry.


Kuaishou held a music copyright ecological conference, the first to launch the live room scene music copyright settlement standard

   Chinanews, March 22. Today, the short video live broadcast platform Kuaishou held the “Spring Sound-2021 Kuaishou Music Copyright Ecological Conference” in Beijing. It is the first time to clarify the music copyright settlement standards for live room scenes, and add separate settlement channels for lyrics and music copyrights and independent musicians settlement channels on the basis of the original settlement. This is also the first time that an Internet platform has proposed a music copyright settlement standard applicable to the dual scenes of short video and live broadcast before the implementation of the “New Copyright Law” on June 1 this year.


The e-cigarette sector rises, Shunhao shares daily limit

In the early trading of November 5, the e-cigarette sector pulled up. As of press time, Shunhao’s stock daily limit, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Jincheng Pharmaceutical, and Meiyingsen have pulled up. (This manuscript was completed by the writing robot”Kaishou Xiaoe” of Securities Times e company.


Kuaishou submits the prospectus:revenue in the first half of the year was 25.3 billion, and the per capita usage time of daily active users exceeded 85 minutes

On November 5th, Kuaishou, the world’s leading content community and social platform, has submitted a IPO application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Kuaishou Technology Prospectus published by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) shows that for the six months ended June 30, 2020, the average daily active users and average monthly active users of Kuaishou’s Chinese apps and mini programs were 302 million and 776 million.


The blockchain sector plummeted, and Zhuoyi Technology’s limit fell

In the afternoon of October 30, the blockchain sector plummeted. As of press time, Zhuoyi Technology had a limit of falling, and Information Development, Kelan Software, and Blue Shield shares fell sharply. (This manuscript was completed by the writing robot”Kaishou Xiaoe” of Securities Times e company.


Fight again, Douyin quickly moves to IPO

In the afternoon of October 26, heavy news was revealed in the market. Media reports stated that the Douyin business under ByteDance will be listed separately in Hong Kong. The relevant person in charge of ByteDance responded that he is considering some business listing plans, but has not yet been finalized. It is interesting to note that just a few days ago, another giant Kuaishou, who is on the same short video track as Douyin, was also revealed to be listed in Hong Kong in the first quarter of next year.


Kuaishou”One Thousand and One Nights” reappears a new”mix and match”:Zheng Shuang & Times Youth League live up to their youth, Zhang Yuqi & Xu Weizhou cross-border chorus

“One Thousand and One Nights” on Jiangsu Satellite TV will be broadcast at 20:00 on October 30th. This evening party not only gathered heavyweight stars to join in, bringing rich and exciting stage performances to the audience, but also highlighting new ideas in the program creativity, using the form of”crossover” and”mix and match”, and strive to bring the audience a refreshing look and feel . Zheng Shuang & Times Youth League:”Sister and Brother Combination” lives up to their youth. Zheng Shuang, who has achieved continuous success in film and variety shows, is going to sing sweetly in Kuaishou”One Thousand and One Nights”!