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China’s celestial eye has gained important achievements in measuring interstellar magnetic field and discovering fast radio storms and pulsars

Beijing, January 6 (reporter Sun Zifa) – the 500 meter spherical radio telescope (fast) of the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, known as the “Chinese heavenly eye”, has passed the national acceptance for nearly two years and has been open to the world for sharing. In the past year, about 500 pulsars have been found in high-quality operation, and the interstellar magnetic field has been measured on the neutral hydrogen spectrum A series of important scientific achievements have been made in important astronomical fields such as rapid radio burst observation and research.


Mianyang, Sichuan: “Radio Guards” use radio technology to prevent and combat cheating in exams and help fairness in college entrance examinations

China News Service, Mianyang, June 7 (Yang Yong Lv Jie) June 7, is the first day of the national college entrance examination in 2021. At the college entrance examination site of Mianyang Middle School in Sichuan Province, Xie Yuping, an engineer at the radio monitoring station of Mianyang City, sits in a radio monitoring vehicle , Staring at the computer screen attentively, monitoring the frequency of the radio waves.