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After the rain in Nanjing, the double rainbow straddles the “mountain, water, city and forest”

The children take a photo with the rainbow. Photo by  泱波

Shuanghong straddles the “mountain, water, city and forest”. Photo by  泱波

The beautiful scenery is picturesquely presented. Photo by  Yangbo

Mountains, waters, cities, and rainbows make up a beautiful painting. Photo by  泱波

   On August 29, in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, a double rainbow appeared over the city after the rain, and the scenery was picturesque.


Promoting the high-quality development of enterprises Oriental Yuhong and China Construction Bank signed a strategic cooperation

   China News Service, March 20. On March 17, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Oriental Yuhong (SZ:002271) and China Construction Bank (SH:601939) was held in Beijing. Based on the principle of “long-term cooperation, interdependence, co-creating value, and seeking common development”, the two parties will help the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry through finance and meet the people’s needs for a better life. Innovative cooperation in supply chain business and housing leasing support.


The Chinese Rainbow 4 drone was shot down again! The reason is one:the number of attacks is very high

On the 22nd, the Chinese-made Rainbow-4 UAV was shot down in Yemen. This incident is the latest case of battle losses of the Chinese Rainbow series UAVs that participated in a large number of actual combat missions in Yemen. A spokesman for the Houthi armed forces in Yemen said that the organization shot down a Chinese-made Saudi Air Force Rainbow-4 drone at the border of Saudi Arabia.


Large quantities of Rainbow 4 are shipped to Pakistan, New Delhi can only do it in a hurry

The India-Pakistan conflict has always been a problem that has been solved with great brainpower. As India has become more tough on the border in recent times, it has also escalated the conflict between India and Pakistan. The two countries broke out in the border area again and stalemate. , And Pakistan has recently received a big boost, which will increase military pressure on India.


“Black Skin” Shen Mengchen and”White Skin” Qi Wei, both wearing rainbow dresses, seem to have nothing to do with their skin color

The rainbow skirt is so beautiful when you hear the name. The combination of colorful colors not only makes the whole person naive, but also brings a good mood. Her rainbow skirt believes that most people don’t dare to wear it. The fringe-style doll-style tube top design. Highly saturated colors require the wearer to have fair skin, otherwise it will be very dark.


Make history! Chinese drone opens European market for the first time

Serbian President Vučić personally participated in the reception ceremony and delivered a speech. It can be seen that the Serbian military attaches great importance to China. The first batch of Rainbow 92A drones arrived in total. They are small and medium sized UAVs and winged. The radius is less than 10 meters, the speed is 200 kilometers per hour, and the maximum row height is more than 5000 meters.