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Japanese media: Japanese government treats UN nuclear accident investigation requirements with double standards

   China News Service, July 3 According to Kyodo News on the 2nd, the Japanese government did not respond to the request of the United Nations Special Rapporteur to investigate the damage caused by the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan and actually put it on hold. Some rapporteurs have not even received a reply for more than 5 years. On the other hand, rapporteurs whose survey topics are favorable to the Japanese government have been received, and there are more and more opinions criticizing this “double standard” (human rights group language) practice.


UN Commissioner wants to visit Japan to investigate asylum in Fukushima nuclear accident, Japan refuses to reply

China News Service, June 11 (June 11) According to Kyodo News on the 10th, Cecilia, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced People, has requested to visit Japan three times since 2018 in order to conduct an investigation of refugees from the Fukushima nuclear accident. The government did not reply once. The Japanese side made an unacceptable judgment on the two requests, but did not notify Cecilia.