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The second stop of the book donation activity is Tangxian Xicun primary school

On the occasion of world reading day, in order to let the fragrance of books enter rural schools and enrich the reading content of rural children, the county Party committee of Xingtang League, the municipal Party committee of Xingtang League and the ant volunteer children’s group carried out the public welfare activity of”reading all the way books in the countryside” and”interesting” reading, bringing more than 1000 donated books to the children.


Do we really need to read on World Book Day?

Reading seems to become dispensable. Most people’s reading needs have been narrowed into textbooks they don’t want to read and idle books they can’t read. A question is so sad and so sincere in front of us. Do we really need to read?


The schools in Lingwu City launched the”world reading day” activity

On April 23, the reporter learned from Lingwu education and sports bureau that on the occasion of the arrival of”world reading day”, various primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Lingwu have carried out various reading day activities to stimulate the reading interest of teachers and students, so that students can grow knowledge, increase wisdom, cultivate ideals and cultivate personality, and promote the construction of Scholarly Campus.


Reading can be as follows:the reading day of Central South University has a new VR experience

VR reading experience area, cloud reading sharing area, value leading book list display area and offline punch in activity area with full sense of science and technology and strong sense of participation were set at the activity site, from real-world simulation to plane display, from cloud reading to on-site interaction, so that students were immersed in a perceptible, touchable, visual and accessible interactive reading experience, creating a strong campus scholarly atmosphere.


Written on reading day

In a trance, I haven’t read a book for a long time. To be exact, I haven’t read a decent book in a volume. For example, there is no time, such as busy work, but when you think about it, these are some reasons that seem high sounding but actually untenable.


Reading, intoxicated and thinking

People, can indulge in reading, can not help but say that it is a blessing in life. In spring, the spring breeze is gentle and smooth, and the fragrance of flowers overflows everywhere. A cup of new tea is held in your hand. Thinking and soul flow between words, and poetry flows in front of you and in spring.