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Di Ali Reba is too thin, and uses hand-held pants all the way to the airport, thanks to the good waist-to-hip ratio

Di Lieba was too thin and used hand-held pants all the way to the airport, thanks to the good waist-to-hip ratio. As a symbol of Xinjiang beauty, Di Lieba’s overall image quality is really good, especially the enviable slim figure, which is obviously very skinny, but because the waist-to-hip ratio is too perfect, the thin curve can also have a certain degree. The concave-convex arc and the overall S-shaped effect is still outstanding. It can easily control different clothes. However, when he recently appeared in the airport, Di Ali Reba’s private clothes are mainly comfortable and age-reducing styles, and the self-cultivation knitting that is indispensable in autumn , With the pleated drawstring on the chest, it naturally creates a sense of full curve, and the high-waisted wide-leg pants matched with the lower body, the perfect combination of upper tight and lower width, easy to create a tall and thin wearing effect, don’t look This outfit uses some basic items, but through the overall vibrant orange and white color scheme, it still exudes a nice girly feeling, with the drawstring and cut processing, it has a special charm.


Beijing Spring Festival Gala:Reba sling is immortal and desire, Zhang Xiaofei’s long legs attract eyes, Li Qin’s wonderful flower skirt

Yesterday’s New Year’s Day, Beijing Satellite TV’s 2021 Spring Festival Gala premiered! The whole party was pleasantly surprised, the quality of the program was high, and the actresses who appeared were more beautiful. Next, I will give you an inventory of the looks of the female stars in the party, and let’s enjoy the beauty of this flourishing age! At the beginning of the party, Di Lieba appeared and was in charge of the opening. She wore a sequined dress with suspenders and a stitched skirt on the bottom.


201101 Jiaxing Dili Reba Studio unveils its November itinerary preview. This month is still an actor who concentrated on filming.

Today, Jiaxing Dili Reba Studio released the preview of Reba’s November itinerary. This month, the actor Di who continues to work hard on the crew~ Although there is no public itinerary for the time being, we can’t see our cute and beautiful dd88, but I think it’s hot The new works that Ba deliberately deduce are full of expectations! Entering November, when the weather turns cold, Asier and Reba should pay attention to daily warmth!


Di Lieba hit her face and bald head? Dirty braided headscarf to steal the spotlight, the fashion finish really depends on the face

On November 1, some netizens posted the latest fashion blockbusters by a group of actor Di Lieba on social platforms. As an actor, Di Lieba has always used her works to speak, and her new dramas”Long Song Xing” and”You Are My Glory” are also on the air.”Long Song Xing” is directed by Zhu Ruibin, starring Di Lieba, Wu Lei, Zhao Lusi, etc. The main speech of this drama is the secret love between the original prince’s daughter”Li Changge” and the role played by Wu Lei on the way to escape , Finally, the story of hand in hand to destroy the treacherous schemes of people to maintain peace.


The status quo of the three little ones? Popularity of Yang Mi Road? AB is the daughter of Diaopai? Reba was asked to bring new people?

Brother Zhang Yu, did Diao raise the title for ab? I heard that ab has added a carved beauty line. It’s really spoiled. It’s a daughter. Dior’s inspection period is not short, and the title given to the artist is not generous. It takes a long time. Now that the baby has been promoted, it can be regarded as a kind of affirmation. With regard to fashion resources, she went smoothly.