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Rooney announces that his son has signed Manchester United’s youth training,”Red Devils” ushered in the second generation of stars

In the early morning of the 18th, the legendary Manchester United star Wayne Rooney announced on the social network that his eldest son Kay Rooney officially signed with Manchester United to join the Manchester United youth training system. As a legend in the history of the Red Devils, Rooney sent his son to his old club for professional training. Although he is not from the”Red Devils” youth training, Rooney still hopes that his son can accept the baptism of Manchester United’s youth training from an early age and grow up quickly.


Manchester United, unstoppable; Lin Huang, nowhere to put

3-0 victory over Aston Villa, Manchester United became the first team to win 3+ goals in 4 consecutive Premier League games. This season, it has officially reached 100 goals on all fronts, and has not maintained 17 consecutive games. Lost, including the Premier League nearly 10 rounds of 7 wins and 3 draws to maintain the longest unbeaten Premier League.