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Large-scale original symphonic poem and painting “Ode to the Red East River” staged in Huizhou, Guangdong

China News Service, Huizhou, June 25 (Reporter Song Xiujie) At 8 p.m. on June 25, sponsored by the Huizhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Guangdong and undertaken by the Huizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, a large-scale original symphonic poem and painting “Red “Ode to the East River” was staged in the Opera House of Huizhou Culture and Art Center.


Shandong, an old revolutionary area, held the first lecture of “A hundred red commentators on a century of party history”

China News Service, Jinan, June 18 (Zhao Xiao) One hundred outstanding red commentators, one hundred high-quality red stories, one hundred red lectures…Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism organized a lecture on “A hundred red lecturers talk about a century of party history” Activities, give full play to the advantages of Qilu’s red resources, carry out party history learning and education, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. On June 18, the first provincial-level publicity event was held in Jinan.


The “Journey of Initial Heart” red map was released in Beijing to create 5 “Red Experience Routes”

China News Service, Beijing, June 11th (Reporter Du Yan) Today, 29 red spots including the former residence of Li Dazhao, Taoranting Compassion Temple, and the former site of the Beijing News Hall, have a red map of the “Journey to the Original Heart”, as well as Bohuo Zhizhi. The five experience routes of Road, Patriotic Awakening, Newspaper Pioneer, Red School, and Former Residences are officially announced. Behind each red point is a revolutionary story worth remembering, allowing cycling enthusiasts and people to experience along multiple red routes. , Drew spiritual nourishment and forward strength from the party’s centuries of struggle.


The launching ceremony of “Red Cultural Relics Youth Talk” was held at Communication University of China

On June 6, 2021, the launching ceremony of the 100-episode video micro-party class “Red Cultural Relics Youth Talk” jointly organized by the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, the “Party Construction” magazine of the Central Propaganda Department, CCTV, and Communication University of China was held at Communication University of China . The event told hundreds of red cultural relics stories by students from 100 colleges and universities, and promoted the “party class” to the whole country by means of integrated media, and implemented the practice of General Secretary Jin Ping on “using red resources, telling red stories, doing red education, and letting red genes replace them.” The important spirit of “passing on from generation to generation” celebrates the centenary of the party.


“Yan’an” in Eastern China Passes on the Heart: Red Spirit Activates Rural Potential

China News Service, Taizhou, May 3 (Reporter Fan Yubin) Wugen Town, Wenling City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province is the birthplace and main combat area of ​​the Second Division of the 13th Army of the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army. It is known as the “Yan’an” in Eastern China. . Today, the “red story” here is becoming a good voice for rural revitalization.