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Focus interview: the heroes rest in peace, the spirit stays forever

   CCTV news (focus interview): Today, the remains of the eighth batch of 109 volunteer martyrs were buried in the Shenyang Anti-US Aid Korea Martyrs Cemetery. Since 2014, the remains of 825 volunteer martyrs have returned to China. On September 2, when the special plane escorting the remains of the martyrs landed at the airport, many people noticed a conversation between the tower and the crew: “Iron and blood are still there today, and the mountains and rivers are intact. Salute the Chinese People’s Volunteers!” “Sheng Shi In China, the heroes return home to pay tribute to the volunteers, and the people’s heroes will be immortal! The motherland will never forget these heroic children.


A total of 430 cases of cadaver donation have been held in Hebei Province on the eve of Qingming Festival

China News Service, Shijiazhuang, April 2 (Li Xiaowei and Meng Detao) On the 2nd, the Red Cross Society of Hebei Province held a memorial event at the Shuangfeng Mountain Cemetery in Hebei Province’s Organ Donation Monument Square to further spread the “humanity, fraternity, and dedication” The spirit of the Red Cross promotes the new social trend of changing customs, bringing together more caring people to join the work of organ donation.


5000 years ago, they actually lived on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

The research of Chinese scientists showed for the first time that about 5000 years ago, wild large mammals, which are only distributed in tropical areas, once lived in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and were important hunting resources for the ancestors of Majiayao culture.