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Taco Farr:If I can, I hope I can retire in Boston

Tiger Fighting November 25 News Celtic center Taco Farr recently accepted an interview with a local media reporter in Boston, during which he talked about his feelings about playing in the Celtics.”I know that Boston is very excited about me, and they have worked hard on my game.


Three news a day! Another foreign player was unable to compete, Xiaoding’s rematch was extended, and Zou Yuchen was quoted by millions

The CBA has entered a short offseason, and the teams are actually training in isolation, so they have very little contact with the outside world. After all, half a month’s time is said to be long or short, and it is not short. If you don’t work hard at this time, you may be widened! But for CBA, other aspects of the action have not stopped, such as signings.


Curry:Next season I will kneel and protest when I sing the national anthem.

Live broadcast, September 1st Since the NBA rematch, many players have kneeled and protested while singing the national anthem before the game to speak out for the equal rights movement. Warriors star Curry failed to participate in the rematch this season, but he talked about kneeling to protest in a recent interview. He said:”I believe I will do the same next season. I applaud all those who do this, and for everyone. Unite and applaud.”