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Behind the”Tarzan Defense”:What has changed the club’s name?

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, January 13th. Title:Behind the”Defense of Mount Tai”:What exactly has the club’s name changed? Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Haoming and Wu Shuguang At the end of 2020, a document of the Chinese Football Association started a trend of neutralizing the names of professional football clubs. The Football Association announced in a recent announcement that more than 80%of the neutral names declared by clubs meet the requirements of relevant documents.


The Chinese Football Association issued a”renaming order” for fans to start thinking:Henan can be called the”Shaolin Team”

[Overseas News.com] Two days ago, the Chinese Football Association issued a”name change order”, and a Chinese Super League club publicly solicited new names. Fans suggested that Henan Jianye could be changed to”Henan Shaolin Team” and Beijing Guoan used”Jingpian”. The pronunciation was changed to”Beijing View Team” and Shandong Luneng was changed to”Shandong Tsingtao Beer Team”… The fans’ brains are open and all kinds of whimsical ideas are fascinating.