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China sports lottery issued a social responsibility report and raised more than 610 billion public welfare funds

Beijing, November 17 (Liu Xingchen) on November 16, the press conference of 2020 China Sports Lottery (1 + 31) social responsibility report (hereinafter referred to as the “report”) jointly organized by the State Administration of sports and the people’s network was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the achievements of the construction of China’s sports lottery responsibility lottery were presented, and the report was released jointly with 31 provinces (autonomous regions and cities).


A quality accident in a water conservancy project will be held accountable for life in Sichuan

On June 18, the “Measures for the Lifetime Responsibility Management of Water Conservancy Project Construction Quality in Sichuan Province (for Trial Implementation)” formulated by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Water Resources was reviewed and approved by the 14th Party Group Meeting of the Department of Water Resources in 2021, and has been submitted to each city (prefecture) for water conservancy (water) It is issued by relevant units directly under the bureau and department, and all relevant units. The “Measures” clarify that the responsible person will be held accountable for life if a quality accident occurs in a water conservancy project.