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“Classic” is bright for a hundred years|The shoes do not need to be the same, but the period is adequate; the treatment does not need to be the same, the period is to benefit the people

  Editor’s note: It is a century-old prowess. For one hundred years, the Communist Party of China has always kept in mind its original intention and mission, led the Chinese people through difficulties and obstacles, achieved one victory after another, profoundly changed the direction and process of the development of the Chinese nation since modern times, and profoundly changed the future of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. Peace and destiny have profoundly changed the trend and pattern of world development, and made great historical contributions to the development of the Chinese nation and human society.


Shanghai Public Security continues to promote the construction of smart transportation, comprehensively optimize the traffic order, and actively explore new roads for modernization of traffic management in megacities

Since the beginning of this year, the Shanghai Public Security Department has continued to promote the construction of smart transportation within the framework of smart cities and smart public security while fully responding to the new crown epidemic. The entire chain will reduce traffic accidents, optimize the traffic order in an all-round manner, fully cover and improve the efficiency of traffic, and actively explore super large A new way of modernizing urban traffic management, and strive to”make happiness for the people and make life better”.


Kazakhstan reopens China-Kazakhstan highway border crossing

According to Kazakhstan’s official website, the government has revised the resolution on temporarily closing the highway border crossing with China. It is reported that the Kazakh Prime Minister signed the Government Resolution No. 417 on July 1, amending Resolution 155″Temporarily Closing Part of Highway Border Ports on the National Border of the Republic of Kazakhstan” adopted on March 30 this year.