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“Black technology” worked in Wukesong Sports Center venues to help prevent and control the epidemic

Beijing, October 26 (Liu Xingchen) – the “meet Beijing” ice hockey domestic test will be held in Wukesong Sports Center from November 7 to 10, 2021. Epidemic prevention and control has become the focus of testing activities. On the 26th, the reporter came to the venue of Wukesong Sports Center. At present, several “black technologies” have been employed to help epidemic prevention and control.


China’s first “brain-like” legal robot has new intelligence to connect thousands of “laws”

China News Service, Chongqing, August 24th (Reporter Zhong Yi) From the waiting robot “Da Niu”, to the robot “Maverick” placed on the desktop, to the smart terminal “Da Niu Mao” that can be played at hand, China The first “brain-like” artificial intelligence legal robot “Da Niu” series ushered in another iterative upgrade. On the 24th, the reporter saw at the 2021 China International Smart Industry Expo in Chongqing that smart legal services are following the “5G+” boom, empowering smart cities and entering thousands of households.