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[Winter Olympics asked “Ji”] Why is Chongli called Chongli?

Worship ceremony, as the name suggests, takes the meaning of “advocating etiquette”. Chongli county was established for a short time, with a history of only nearly 80 years. In the area under its jurisdiction, there was no single organizational system in the past dynasties. It was not until May 1934 that it was divided from the surrounding counties and districts. In the meaning of “advocating etiquette and righteousness”, two governance bureaus (equivalent to county level) were set up, Chongli and Shangyi, similar to the current Chabei management area. In 1936, Chongli was changed into Chongli county. At the end of January 2016, Chongli county was removed from the county to become a municipal district, which is now Chongli district.


[China by the mother river] Shenmu Shimao site: more than 4300 years ago, experts praised it as “five most”

Beijing, Shenmu, October 21 (Chen Haifeng dangtianye Gaocheng) the first Prehistoric City, the first capital of Shaanxi, the first Jade City, the first capital of Hetao, the first city of the Silk Road… On October 20, Professor Xi Huidong, vice president of the Silk Road Research Institute of Northwest University, evaluated Shimao site with “five most” to reporters.