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One wave after another, Russia fell out with another neighboring country? Expert:the key to China’s attitude

According to Russian media reports recently, reporter Ivan Zubov published an article,”Russia vs Kazakhstan – another fallen neighbor?”, It was pointed out that President Tokayev of Kazakhstan had recently publicly challenged President Putin that he would not recognize the independence of the two republics of Donbas and Lugansk, and that this was a basic criterion of the country, not against Russia. Kazakhstan also adhered to the same criterion on Kosovo, Taiwan Island and other issues.


Russia withdraws from the international space station and the US Russia space race is coming again?

Russia said on July 26 that it would withdraw from the international space station cooperation program in 2024 and build its own space station. The United States and the former Soviet Union launched a space race during the cold war. After the end of the cold war, the two sides shook hands to jointly carry out space undertakings. The International Space Station launched in 1998 is one of the important symbols.