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How cruel is Saddam’s son? Burning, killing, whoring and looting are all evil, and even my father will not let go of them

He was the prince of Iraq, but he hated his father to the utmost and tried to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s regime. At this time, his son Uday was born less than a year. Even after two years, Saddam came out, but for Uday, there was almost no shadow of his father in his childhood, because during this period, Saddam was either busy outside, or kept meeting different guests at home, or closed the door in his study, and often didn’t come out all day.


Saddam Hussein:Why did millions of troops fail miserably in the Iraq war?

When he was president of Iraq, with millions of troops in his hand, he made Iraq the leader of the Middle East at that time, and Saddam was also satisfied and ambitious. He was so happy, militaristic, and did not hesitate to invade and suppress neighboring countries. He wanted to walk sideways in the Middle East.