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Two batches of frozen roefish packaging samples were found to be positive for the new crown virus, the General Administration of Customs took emergency preventive measures against an Indonesian company

Since two batches of frozen roefish imported from Indonesia, two outer packaging samples and one inner packaging sample were found to be positive for the new crown virus, in accordance with the regulations of the General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 103 of 2020, the national customs will suspend the acceptance of Indonesian water from today The import declaration of the product manufacturer CV.ALAM LAUT is one week, and it will automatically resume after the expiration.


Go to the aliens to”dig earth”, who is stronger than the real person or the machine

Go to the aliens to”dig earth”, who is stronger than the real person or the machine. According to the National Space Administration, the Chang’e-5 mission is the sixth mission of China’s lunar exploration project. It is planned to realize automatic sampling and return of the lunar surface. It is one of the most complex and difficult missions in my country’s aerospace industry so far.


​The lunar soil can be brought back to the earth, why is the Martian soil not, what are you afraid of?

Forty or fifty years ago, we humans have already launched a lunar sampling project, one of which is the lunar sample brought back by the Apollo manned lunar landing program, and the other is the moon brought back by the unmanned probe in the Soviet”Lunar Project” Samples, the last unmanned spacecraft to bring back lunar samples from the moon was the Lunar 24 probe launched on August 9, 1976.


NASA announces the results of the Independent Review Board’s assessment of the “Sample Return to Mars” mission

Landing on the surface of Mars, collecting some samples of the red planet, and then bringing them all the way back to Earth is another matter. On Tuesday, NASA announced the results of the independent review committee’s evaluation of its planned Mars sample return mission, which plans to bring samples of the Red Planet back to Earth for scientists to study.


Close to the earth, Hayabusa 2 has launched a separation exercise. A text is reminiscent of a question

“I hear the bells in November”,”I feel the arrival of the earth”,”I feel pressure”, on November 3, Japan’s JAXA Hayabusa 2 team posted such words on Twitter, in joy There is anxiety, because the Japanese Hayabusa 2 spacecraft with”unknown ore” has returned from hundreds of millions of kilometers, is now approaching the earth, and will soon appear near the earth.


NASA:Leakage of probe collector,”Bennu” some rock samples floated into space

China News Agency, Houston, October 24th. NASA said on the 23rd that the mission of the”Osiris-Rex” probe had an emergency. A few days ago, after the probe collected rock samples on the surface of the asteroid”Bennu” and flew away, some sample fragments were continuously leaking from the probe into space. NASA held a temporary press conference on the 23rd.