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NASA probes successfully contacted asteroids 321 million kilometers away from Earth

The NASA Source Spectral Interpretation Resource Security Weathering Layer Identification Probe deployed its robotic arm on Tuesday, making its first attempt to briefly contact an asteroid, collecting dust and small pebbles from the surface of the asteroid, and then transporting these samples in 2023 To the earth. This well-preserved ancient asteroid, called Benu, is currently more than 321 million kilometers away from Earth.


Nice job! The US spacecraft briefly touched an asteroid 333 million kilometers away to complete a mining mission

In the early morning of October 21, Beijing time, while we were still asleep, the US spacecraft OSIRIS-REx, 333 million kilometers away, performed an asteroid mining mission as scheduled, and slowly approached the asteroid Bennu for more than 4 hours After briefly touching the surface of the asteroid, quickly collecting dust and small rocks, and then quickly raising the height, the whole process was completed in one go, like a”dragonfly on the water”, which is perfect.