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In another 200 million years, will the earth look like? Scientists released simulation images, the scene was out of control!

In another 200 million years, will the earth look like? Especially in 2020, for any country in the world, it should be a year of trembling, even if some countries have not been affected by disasters, but they are also worried that disasters may come in the next moment. Weakness, can it withstand as much as China and the United States and many other countries? Source:China Net Walks the World Picture from the Internet


Another academician passed away! Beidou was built, but he left…

According to the Guangming Daily, Chinese satellite navigation and positioning experts, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the School of Navigation and Air and Space Target Engineering of the PLA Information Engineering University. Professor Xu Qifeng, a professor and doctoral tutor, died of illness and treatment in Beijing on July 2, 2020.


Coming to Beidou? The global network has just succeeded, the United States is also operating in space, the mysterious satellite has been in orbit

Recently, according to media reports, the last satellite of China’s Beidou system was successfully released, and a full deployment of the global satellite system was completed half a year in advance. Less than a day after Beidou’s history, the United States reacted in space and launched a mysterious new The satellite has been released into orbit, and the global network of the Beidou system has just succeeded. The United States has also begun to operate in space. This inevitably confuses people to ask:Is it that the United States came to Beidou?