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Good news from Beidou system! 137 countries make the right choice, GPS hegemony is shaken

Recently, China successfully sent another satellite into space, and the process was very smooth. This successfully launched satellite is the last satellite of the Beidou system. It carries too many expectations. This represents our Beidou navigation system. It has been fully established and will soon form a global network, and the dominance of the US GPS navigation will be shaken.


“Defenses can not do without”! At the same time when the Beidou halted and the United States disconnected from the Internet, what was behind it?

GPS is a very important presence in various countries around the world. Now our country has successfully launched the last Beidou satellite, which makes our people very excited, but careful people found that the satellite was suddenly stopped before the launch of the satellite. The plan was postponed, but coincidentally, the United States was also disconnected from the Internet on the same day. What is the problem behind this?


Chinese satellites were shot down after a dangerous flight over the United States? Faced with the naked deterrent, China made a decisive shot

The first spacecraft in the world was the”Sputnik 1″ launched by the Soviet Union on October 4, 1957. The first manned spacecraft was the spaceship Vostok, aboard the Soviet astronaut Ю.А. Gagarin. One spacecraft that sent people to the moon was the American”Apollo 11″ spacecraft. The first spacecraft with the characteristics of a launch vehicle, spacecraft, and aircraft was the American”Columbia” space shuttle.