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NASA found a mysterious hexagon on Saturn, which is very similar to the ancient magic circle

In recent years, the pace of human exploration in space has become faster and faster. This is all derived from the changes that have taken place inside the earth. It is true that the earth provides a very suitable environment for mankind, but mankind is also limited because of this, and the frequent natural disasters on the earth all prompt mankind to pay attention to the continuation of future races.


At this time tomorrow, Saturn will be visible to the naked eye

Li Meicong, deputy director of the Tianjin Astronomical Society, said that when Saturn, the earth and the sun are roughly in a straight line, and the earth is in the middle of the two, it is called Saturn’s”opposite sun.” Before and after the opposition, Saturn is closest to the earth and has the highest brightness, which is the best time to observe.


Weather forecast for the next week (2020.7.19~7.25)

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(Capricorn people pay attention) God comes from your ruler

Because it has been flying for 13 years, NASA calculated that its fuel should not be much. If it is not controlled to crash, it may fall on Saturn. In order to prevent it from polluting Saturn’s environment, it is controlled to enter Saturn’s atmosphere and heat up. It burned, and at the last moment it burned, it sent back a picture, which was also the picture when it was closest to Saturn.


The”astronomical feast” starts to count down, there are 4 astronomical phenomena in July, witnessing Saturn’s ring is the most anticipated

The”astronomical feast” begins to count down. There are four major astronomical phenomena in July. Witnessing Saturn’s rings is the most anticipated. According to the report of”Surging News” on July 1, July this year is not only a window period for Mars exploration, but also astronomy enthusiasts. The best time to observe the planets of the solar system, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, etc. will take turns in July, bringing us wonderful astronomical wonders, then the question is coming, who are you going to watch with?