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High-quality content has no winter

Chinese Movie Audience Satisfaction Survey · The 2020 Lunar New Year File Survey results show that Lunar New Year’s satisfaction is 84.0 points, an increase of 1.4 points over the same period last year, refreshing the satisfaction record of the same period, “Bomb Disposal Expert 2”, “Send You A Little Girl” “Safflower” ranked the top two in terms of single-film satisfaction with 87.2 points and 85.8 points respectively. At this point, the 2020 Chinese Movie Audience Satisfaction Survey has come to an end. In the semi-annual survey since the summer of this year, audience satisfaction scores 84.7, ranking second in the six years since the survey began and ranking first in the same period in 2019. Only 0.3 points away. In 2020, film creators insisted on creating high-quality goods under the epidemic prevention and control situation, which constituted the fundamental driving force for the market recovery after the epidemic.


Refute the rumors! The 2021 China Football Professional League schedule has not yet been finalized

[Refute rumors! The 2021 Chinese Football Professional League schedule has not yet been finalized] A calendar of the 2021 Chinese Football Super League, A and B three-level professional leagues and the FA Cup has been circulating online today. The relevant departments of the Chinese Football Professional League revealed to People’s Daily that the new season The schedule, competition system, including the annual calendar are still under discussion, and now the outside world is not the final version.


15 key films”fight” Lunar New Year files

Text | Xiaofu Editor | Park Fang’s Lunar New Year file adds another hero. On November 20, Warner Bros. announced that”Wonder Woman 1984″ will be officially released in mainland China on December 18, one week ahead of the North American theater and streaming release date. Subsequently, Pixar’s new film”Spiritual Journey” also announced that the mainland will be scheduled for December 25. Not long ago, the movie version of”Monster Hunter” also announced the Chinese schedule for December 4.