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school started! Put down your phone, bring your homework, and “run” for the new semester!

   Chinanews client, Beijing, March 1st (Lang Lang) If you are well, it will be sunny; if you work hard, it will be the day before school starts. With the end of the winter vacation, major dramas in school across the country were staged in turn: the inspirational film “Make-up homework is getting better and forget to eat”, the detective film “Who copied whose winter homework”…


In Quebec, Canada, 47 schools have found new coronavirus infections

About one week after school started, 47 of the 3,100 schools in Quebec, Canada, each found more than one case of new coronavirus infection. The Minister of Health of Quebec, Christian Duber, stated that these infections were from outside the school, and there was no concentrated outbreak in these schools.


The number of confirmed cases in Texas nurseries skyrocketed by 350%. Trump:Don’t talk nonsense, start school!

“Don’t talk nonsense, start school!” The United States’ new pneumonia outbreak is completely out of control, but President Trump actually ordered the primary school to start school. The reason he gave was ridiculous:”The child’s immune system is so strong, and many countries in Norway and Germany have reopened school, and it has been very smooth, so we must also start school.


More than 3 million confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States

As of 7:34 on July 9th, Beijing time, the cumulative number of diagnosed cases in the United States has exceeded 3 million, but the White House insisted that colleges resume classes. Statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States show that over 3 million cases of new coronary pneumonia have been diagnosed and more than 130,000 deaths have occurred in the United States.