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“Strange Script Shark” Shark Team “Tacitly” Upgrade Qin Hao Almost Mistakes “Teammate”

On July 15, the trendy social game experience reality show “Strange Script Shark” produced by iQiyi ushered in the second issue of “Graduation Rhapsody”, which combines Avalon and script kill to show the audience different ways of playing script kill. . In this issue, the Sharks team returned to campus, experienced the dual test of mental and physical strength, and launched a series of fierce competitions of “ethics, intelligence, physical beauty”.


Sun Li revealed the recent filming of the new play with Zhao Youting, the first script has been completed

On August 27th, Sun Li revealed on social platforms the recent shooting of the new play”Ideal City” starring Zhao Youting, saying that the first script has been completed. In the pictures she posted, although only one corner of the script appeared on the screen, the notes she left can also be seen. She also wrote the words”Finished on 2020.8.27″ on the script, which is a serious record. . Sun Li prints the picture. Netizens expressed their expectations for the new play in the comment area, and some netizens ridiculed Deng Chao’s tone of saying”you have worked hard.”