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How much do you know about the Chinese basketball brothers? The 15-year-old twin brothers are gifted and have an unlimited future

Speaking of the brotherhood in basketball, it can be said that it will attract the attention of many people. Now let’s introduce the brotherhood in Chinese basketball. Are there any you are familiar with? The two are well-known twin brothers in Chinese basketball at present. They both grew up in the Guangdong youth team and later joined the national youth team together. Their basketball foundation is very solid.


Take stock of the six wonders of European football and win the championship! Leicester is only second

In the 2003/2004 season, the Champions League was reformed, and the previous second stage group match was cancelled and replaced by a two round knockout match. As the weakest top four in the Champions League over the years, Monaco and Porto finally entered the finals. In the finals, crazy Mourinho led his team to beat Monaco 3-0 to win the championship, which made the dark horse myth of the European black shop. You should know that the Portuguese Super League was only the 9th League in Europe at that time. The last time the Portuguese Super League team won the championship, it can be traced back to the 1986/1987 season. At that time, Porto was also the team that won the championship.


Official publicity of Shenzhen men’s basketball team:Wang Jianjun returned to take charge of the coach wuqinglong joined as a consultant

On June 24, Beijing time, the Shenzhen men’s basketball team officially announced that Wang Jianjun would be the coach of the team in the new season, and wuqinglong, the former coach of Qingdao team, would join the team as a consultant. Wang Jianjun has coached the Shenzhen team for many seasons. His best achievement is to lead the team to the top four of the league in the 16-17 season and the 19-20 season. In 2020, Wang Jianjun finished his class in the middle of the season due to his poor performance in leading the team, and qiubiao took over the leadership of the team.