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Please correctly analyze the national football game

People feel angry. For example, in the game between China and the Philippines, it is said that the first half is poor and the second half is good. Football is like a battle. The first half is the defensive phase and the second half is the offensive phase.


Olaroy:We didn’t create opportunities on offense. Li Ang’s absence is a big problem.

Live broadcast, November 8 In the first round of the Chinese Super League Championship finals, Suning and Guangzhou Heng drew 0-0. After the game, Suning coach Auraroyu attended the press conference. ——Comment this game is a tough game. Guangzhou has always been a strong team. Many times they have mastered the initiative on the court. We try to use our existing players to give full play to our advantages.


Old Rivers:We are totally to blame for putting ourselves in this predicament

After the game, Clippers coach Rivers blamed the reversal of the game on the mistakes of his coaching team. In an interview with reporters, he said:”We are completely responsible for letting ourselves into this predicament. You can take good care of yourself. To look at this problem in a bad or bad way, but the truth is that… this team has no experience, so they are constantly learning now.”


Ma Long’s locker room speech:You never give up and are proud of you

Live broadcast, September 14th. Today, the Nuggets beat the Clippers and tied 3-3. Coach Malone gave a speech in the locker room. In the second half, you led your opponents 64-35. In the second half, your opponents shot only 20%. This is a life and death battle. If you lose, you will go home. Because you don’t give up, we can continue the series and be proud of you.


Wang Shenchao:Oscar’s legs are a little uncomfortable, his absence has a great impact on the team’s offensive organization

Everyone knows that Oscar is the core of our offensive organization. His absence will have a certain impact on the team’s offensive organization. In the second half, we changed a lot of people, strengthened the attacking rhythm, made more passes, and created opportunities, but the opponent defended Relatively dense, there is no good way to break the dense.


In the second half of life, there are only two words to spell! (Wonderful article)

In life, there will always be something to gain and lose in the stumbling and stumbling. The most rare thing in life is to maintain a good mood. Wang Yangming once said:”The heart of ordinary people is like a mirror of speckled dirt. It must be painful and scratched to remove all the cracks, and then you can see it. Then it will go away, and it will not consume energy. That’s it. It is to know the benevolence and body.”


De Bruyne:If Sterling scores, we will equalize, there is hope

Tiger Fighting on August 16 In the Champions League quarter-finals, Manchester City lost 1-3 to Lyon and missed the chance to enter the semi-finals. After the game, midfielder De Bruyne, who scored a goal for Manchester City, was interviewed and said that the team performed well in the second half and had a chance to win.