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Guterres has an informal dialogue with the Security Council as a candidate for the Secretary-General of the United Nations

   China News Agency, United Nations, May 18 (Reporter Madelin) As a candidate for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres had an informal dialogue with members of the Security Council on the 18th. Ambassador Zhang Jun, the rotating chairman of the Security Council and the Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, met with the media after the dialogue on the same day to introduce the relevant situation.


At the United Nations, China and Russia abstain from voting rights, Germany:Urges Moscow and Beijing to reconsider their positions

Editor:Xiaoxue, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China and Russia have also made great contributions to international development in recent years. However, there will always be people who pick the bones in their eggs and look for trouble there, trying to use some extreme remarks to attack China and Russia. The world status of the two countries.


Never allow China to fight alone. After representative Geng Shuang expressed his position in the Security Council, the Russian representative also made it clear.

Recently, Western countries headed by the United States have set off another small upsurge of bullying China. On December 21, the US Department of Commerce included 103 Chinese and Russian companies on the list of so-called”military end users” and imposed brutal and unreasonable sanctions on Chinese and Russian companies. The next day, Germany attacked China at the United Nations.


At the UN General Assembly, Geng Shuang:Goodbye, German representative, the Security Council is more”safer” without you

The so-called”weak countries have no diplomacy”, China’s diplomatic corps are all sonorous and powerful, speaking on behalf of the country and delivering the most beautiful Chinese voice to the world. Among them, the work of former Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang was transferred to the UN representative. Although he no longer serves as the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Geng’s words are still”sharp.” The same is true in the face of the media, even more fearless in the face of foreign missions, dare to speak and do.


We are finally free! China and the German Security Council face fierce quarrel

On December 22, the German Ambassador to the United Nations, Heusgen, attended his last UN Security Council meeting at the end of his two-year term as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. At the meeting, Hoysgen accused China and Russia of their “cold-blooded” behavior in dealing with the Syrian incident. In addition, he also requested China to release two Canadians, Cumming Kay and Spaffer, in order to end his work in the United Nations. The term of the Security Council.


Geng Shuang hardened the German representative in front of the United Nations and asked to speak again on the spot.

Geng Shuang:I have to invite 1968 to respond to the speech of the German representative just now. I have already said it. If nothing else, the content of today’s meeting should be the last meeting held by the Patriotic Committee in 2020 to review this year. In the Security Council, we have both coordination and cooperation as well as differences and disputes. Of course, some people deliberately create divisions and make irresponsible remarks.


Geng Shuang:Goodbye, Ambassador Heusgen

On December 22, the UN Security Council held a video public meeting on the Iranian nuclear issue. In his speech, Heusgen, the Permanent Representative of Germany, made a comment on the so-called Cumminkai case, claiming that Cumminkai had been treated unfairly in China and that China should release him as soon as possible. Ambassador Geng Shuang, the Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, asked to speak again on the spot, refuting Huo.


Security Council reform is on the agenda, India fishes in troubled waters and wants to”enter the permanent”, China and Russia directly pick out their positions

Every country has a high degree of respect for the United Nations, but there is no shortage of special countries, and that is the United States. The United States has always been different from other countries, and has been arbitrarily developing the”America First” policy at a high speed. It believes that every task in the world should be the United States first, rather than coordinated cooperation among multiple countries.